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Top 5 Apps You Can Incorporate in Your English Class

Duolingo Duolingo is a great app for beginners who would like to learn basic vocabulary, basic grammar, and pronunciation of basic words. Duolingo teaches you simple phrases with a variety of methods. You can expect activities such as listening to a phrase and typing it out, translating a simple phrase, choosing, matching English words with your native language, ... [Continue Reading]

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The Top Six Teaching Secrets of the Best ESL Teachers

Being an ESL teacher is highly rewarding, exciting and fun. It can also be a bit scary to face a brand new group of students (even if you are an experienced teacher!). However, if you keep the following strategies in mind, you’ll be sure to meet with success!   Get to Know Your Students This is probably the number 1 practice that the best ESL teachers ... [Continue Reading]

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Top Wanted Skills for Data Jobs in 2015

The data market is constantly changing, so you need to be aware of the must-have skills to land top big data jobs in 2015. The more skills you possess from this list, the bigger the chance to have the desired job. Some of the skills here are more general and you should possess them naturally and only develop them. The others require specific education and ... [Continue Reading]


6 Must-Have Skills For Sales Manager

Are you a struggling sales executive? Are you having problems getting those big sales? Do you want to grow? Would you like to not only get those juicy clients but also keep them coming back? Well! Worry not. Successfully selling a service, product or an idea is a matter of using the right skills.   1. Prospecting For a salesperson, time is the most ... [Continue Reading]

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Do Not Be a Jerk At Your Office

There is very little doubt that team dynamics can be very difficult to negotiate. When you are at office, you work for your team and then contribute. The problem arises because you feel an urge to elevate your position and show your worth in front of your boss. So let us discus how you can show your value without acting like a jerk?   1. Solve ... [Continue Reading]

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Five Simple Steps to a Powerful Resume

The first, and biggest, hurdle in any job search is writing a resume. Summarizing lifetime of skills, education, and experience in a way that interests employers seems scary but it is not as difficult as it seems. Follow these five steps to create a powerful resume easily.   Pick a format. Fill it in. In the age of the Internet there are a number of ... [Continue Reading]